You don’t need a gym membership!

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A gym membership is NOT a pre-requisite for our ONLINE training program.

One of the best ways to get fit is to use your own body weight as resistance. And you don’t need any special equipment, either. Just some space in your living room or backyard, and you’re good to go.

Did our ancestors have gyms with fancy machines?

Like us, they did have this amazing machine known as the human body.

Unfortunately for us though, basic primal movement patterns are a long forgotten relic.

Our mission is to bring them back and teach your body the way it was designed to move, simply and with flow.

Think about it, our ancestors had to be able to climb, jump and run to survive.

Not only did they need the strength and skills to do those things, but they needed endurance and flexibility as well.

They were constantly active, using all of their muscles in a variety of ways.

Nowadays, most people are lucky if they can manage a small amount of strength and endurance.

In many cases, people have lost the coordination required to run or jump safely.

This is what we consider Primal Movement – movements that our ancestors relied on for survival.

Primal Movements are all about unleashing your inner animal! The body was designed to perform these movements and when you learn how, it becomes easier to incorporate them into your daily life.

Movement is Life. We all want to look good and feel good but this comes at a price? When we spend our lives sitting in front of a computer or television, we lose the ability to move fluidly.

Over  time, our bodies adapt to this deficiency by creating chronic tension, injuries and pain.

This is the living reality for many people in today’s society.

Primal Movement works on restoring natural fluidity into these basic primal movements while incorporating bodyweight training.

Wouldn’t you agree that all of us should be able to move our bodies in the ways that they were designed?

All you need is a little time and patience. With some practice, you will be able to perform these movements with ease and without pain.

Movement is life, so get moving!

– Shaun Tucker

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